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No-one Mentioned Bandits

Born in Suffolk and with a degree in English and Philosophy from Reading University, Joan married her Parsi husband in 1959 and spent 17 years in India. There she gained a Diploma in Mass Communications Media from Sophia College in Bombay where she became a lecturer while also working as a freelance journalist, contributing commissioned articles to leading Bombay Women’s magazines and publishing some poetry. Returning to the UK in the eighties, after nearly 30 years abroad, she worked for Oxfam and the CAB and, now retired, is writing and publishing books -a memoir of her early years in India - “No-one Mentioned Bandits” 2015, a novel - “Into the Night with a Stranger” 2016 and a second novel “A New to Way to Remember” 2017. She is working on a fourth book

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Into the Night with a Stranger

A New Way to Remember

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A trilogy of books with  an Indian connection